Monday, February 28, 2011

New goal: Indie wealthy in 2013

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I'm taking a page from the neoconservative book to coin a new phrase for trust fund babies: indie wealthy. Let's face it, it's what we all want to be. Meanwhile, we come to regard wealth by our own definitions.

New goal: Indie wealthy by 2013.
I know, financial stability sounds so dull. But that's just on the outside; it also allows you to shape your own career, schedule and more. Since I'm hoping to start a family this millenium, with at least some fully diploid children, perhaps it's a good idea to secure some financial, psychological, and lifestyle stability. I mean, perhaps. What do you think? How shall we define this goal?

Step one: make a plan.
Are you ready for our Indie Business 3.0 online course to begin tomorrow? I have so many ideas I want to streamline into a cohesive group of products. Plus, reading through the student introductions, I suspect we'll have many more ideas during the course from all the inspiration they'll give us. Since the course's teachers are not financial experts, let's keep in mind what else we need in order to develop our plan for becoming indie wealthy.

What you do to yourself before your wreck yourself?

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