Saturday, February 19, 2011

Supplies: Alpacas are cozy as fresh, hot bread!

To inaugurate this momentous occasion of my first post to you, I'm going to post the most recent thing to excite me on Etsy. Alpacas! Oh, you know you can't look a them and not want to cuddle up tout de suite! 
What isn't on Etsy?
Etsy's diversity never fails to amaze me. Last week I found heirloom morning glory seeds for flowers whose petals looked like silk sea anemones and seeds for paint-black radishes, and this week I found alpaca yarn hand spun by the alpacas' keepers. As the locavore joke goes, it even tells you the names of the animals sheared for that very skein. Best of all, you get a card from the animals. Jill, these are blue-ribbon alpacas! Their closet doors must be plastered in them, just like yours were from swim meets. Do you think I should switch all my items over to luxury yarn? On mother nature's other hand, there also upcycled yarns. At first these seem suspiciously like unraveled Goodwill sweaters. Ooh ooh! UNRavelry! But over 200 yards of WW 100% cashmere for a mere Alex Hamilton? NOW I understand! The best stuff from this window shopping spree is over in my future shop's faves.

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