Sunday, April 10, 2011

Look What I Made: Photo collages at Photovisi

My Handmade Forest's Web page at the Nature Conservancy allows me to add photo albums, so I have one full of the customer purchases that donated trees. Today I discovered that the album limit is 10 photos and needed a workaround. After a quick Web search I learned that none of my applications have an easy collage tool, so I followed a link to

An easy web tool for collages
Wow, what a great tool! The site first leads you to gallery of pre-made layouts, few of which were appealing to me. But, when you choose one, you can change a ton of stuff. Background, number of photos, layering order, size, rotation, cropping, add text, cool fonts, and more. You can download your collage or save it in an account. The final image has a small watermark in the bottom right corner, which you can use to spread the good news, or easily crop out later by leaving enough white space around your collage. I went into Powerpoint and added my banner, which I could have done on Photovisi, but I needed to play with it more. Here's my final product.

Customer appreciation photos on Etsy
I added it as the customer appreciation photo you can add to your feedback on Etsy. Hopefully this will encourage them to to visit the forest's page and sign the guest book. Also, I want to let them know how much I want to make this forest happen!

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