Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dance!: I discovered a sample

I've wanted to share music with you so many times since we started this blog that I can't hold it in any longer and am initiating a new post category. I shall call it "Dance!" as a tribute to Shaytard's exercise regime by way of Napoleon Dynamite.
I discovered a sample.
O.K., now listen to the track Mondegreen on Yeasayer's new album and, 180 degrees from that, Tone-Lōc's Funky Cold Medina. As soon as the Yeasayer song started I found myself singing and rockin' out to Funky Cold Medina so hard, I had to check. You must confirm this for me! Listen to the intro to each, and as soon as you hear the drum riff, switch to the other. Go back and forth.

Two significant things here.
One, I was right. Ha! Our musical brains strike again. All that grey matter in my skull full of "What're you gonna pick?" jingles is indeed thriving and pulsating. Spuds McKenzie won't leave my dog alone with that Medina thang. Called it!
Two, this is not just a sampled riff, I swear it's a sampled track. The two sound friggin' exact-o-mundo identical.  

O.K., discuss.

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Bean said...

It's true! They are the same beat. I bet no one else would think of it though! It's pretty neat because even though they are the same beat, the songs are totally different.

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